Inspection Cards

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✨ Are you tired of feeling unprepared for inspections?
✨ How often do you struggle to remember all the necessary topics to cover during inspections?
✨ Have you ever wished for a convenient tool to help you feel confident and prepared?

Then our JigsawEYC Inspection Cards are the tool for you! They are a great way to ensure you and your team are prepared for your inspection.

This pack contains 52 inspection question cards, including a wide range of topics such as:

⭐️ Supervisions

⭐️ Risk Assessments

⭐️ Health & Safety

⭐️ Short scenarios

⭐️ Safeguarding

⭐️ Policies & Procedures

⭐️ The 3 I’s

⭐️ Key Children

⭐️ The Day of the  Inspection

⭐️ Plus much, much more!

These cards are the perfect preparation tool, handy to use at staff meetings, as challenges throughout the day or to add to your morning memo.

All of our cards can also be bought digitally so you can download them and print them off to use today!