Are You Ready For Your



Quality Improvement Audits

Are you ready for your inspection?

Would you like the opportunity to practice showing your skills before the big day?

Do you want to receive expert advice from our JigsawEYC auditors?

At JigsawEYC we understand that the world of Early Years is hard and sometimes people can lack the confidence that they need to shine.

Our aim is to help highlight your strengths and offer our golden nuggets of wisdom to ensure that you are compliant and ready to ‘WOW’ your inspector.

An Inspection can be a big part of your Early Years journey and you deserve to have the confidence and ability to show Ofsted everything that you have got, so let us help you to be the best that you can be.

If you feel like you need a helping hand, then click the button below to get in touch with one of our Early Years experts and they will help you to become an Early Years Superhero!

Are You Ready For Your Inspection Manual

A Binder with the words Are You Ready For Your Inspection on the front.

The ‘Are You Ready For Your Inspection?’ Manual, often referred to as the ‘Early Years Bible‘ is packed with a HUGE collection of over 60 essential compliance documents and 500 pages of information.

This MUST-HAVE manual is a necessity for any Early Years Settings!

Delve into a wide range of inspection toolkits including:

⭐ What to do Before The Inspection – 4 Documents
⭐ Evaluations – 8 Documents
⭐Leadership and Management – 5 Documents
⭐Quality of Education – 8 Documents
⭐ Behaviour and Attitudes – 3 Documents
⭐ Personal Development – 3 Documents
⭐ Safeguarding – 5 Documents
⭐ Questionnaires – 3 Documents
⭐ Staff – 10 Documents
⭐ Training – 9 Documents
⭐ Other Resources, including our Education Inspection Framework Audit – 6 Documents

This manual contains over £800 worth of downloads, all in an easy-to-access binder for you and your team to use.

A Binder with the words Are You Ready For Your Inspection on the front.

The Inspection Toolkit Bundle

Are you trying to avoid freezing when the inspector asks you for a document?

Do you want somewhere to record how great your setting is?

Would you like a toolkit that can solve all of your problems?

Our Inspection toolkit has been designed to provide you with the ability to record and evidence the magical development that happens within your setting.

Ensure that your team is prepared for any questions that the inspector throws at them with this easy-to-use toolkit.

Completing our inspection toolkit will allow you to elevate your Early Years practice and allow you to focus on adding impact into the lives of the children within your setting.

Transform your skills and show the inspector how you’re making a difference.

Inspection Cards

How often do you test your team’s knowledge of inspections?

Are you looking for a way to ensure your setting is compliant?

Do you wish there was an easy way to prepare your team for their inspection?

We understand that preparing for your inspection can be a lengthy process and sometimes the basics can be forgotten.

So we have just the thing for you and your team!

Our inspection cards come with 52 questions that have been hand-picked by our experts to ensure that you are ready for your inspection.

These cards are ready to use and can be a great way to boost your team’s confidence by giving them the chance to answer these questions in a stress-free environment.

Why not try having a focus card of the week for your whole team to go through together?