Quality Improvement Audits

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Quality Improvement Audits

Continuous Reflection

Evaluating your setting is paramount in finding out your strengths as a team and as a setting as well as recognising the need to improve.

In Early Years, as practitioners, you need to be reflective consistently to be able to achieve your targets and work towards your ultimate goal.

Our Quality Improvement Audit will give you all the tools and independent auditor feedback you need to really focus on making your setting the best it can possibly be!

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Quality Improvement Audits

  • Deliver inspection throughout all the setting checking policies and procedures, staff paperwork, CPD

  • Tracking children and observation practice

  • Talk to staff regarding safeguarding

  • Feedback with proposals on how to improve later in the day

  • Written report within 7 working days

  • Courtesy call within a week (if needed)

  • Quality Improvement Auditor to arrive between 8 am-8:30 am

Quality Improvement Audit Enquiry Form

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Are you ready for Your Inspection?

[Fourth Edition]

A practical guide to support you through your Early Years Inspection and add IMPACT using The Education Inspection Framework.

This book has been written for all Early Years practitioners with a responsibility of improving outcomes for children.