Safeguarding Cards

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✨ How confident are you in your staff’s understanding of safeguarding?
✨ When was the last time you tested your team’s knowledge of safeguarding topics?
✨ Can you imagine having a set of 52 bespoke questions covering essential safeguarding topics?

Our Safeguarding Cards are just what you are looking for!

This pack has 52 bespoke questions covering a wide array of Safeguarding topics and you can use them in the mornings, at staff meetings or during the day.

This pack contains questions on a variety of topics including:

⭐️ The Types of Abuse
⭐️ The British Values
⭐️ Prevent Duty
⭐️ Whistleblowing
⭐️ Complaints

This is a great way of ensuring you and your team are prepared for all situations!

All of our cards can also be bought digitally so you can download them and print them off to use today!

56 cards for you to ask your staff team about their safeguarding knowledge

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