Staff Meeting Toolkit (PDF Download)

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✨ Have you ever wished for a simple way to encourage staff participation and feedback during meetings?
✨ How often do you spend loads of time thinking of new ways to do staff meetings?
✨ Do you want a toolkit with the next 6 months of Staff Meetings planned for you?

The Staff Meetings Toolkit contains everything you need to deliver an effective staff meeting and add IMPACT into your setting. This toolkit contains the following:

⭐️ 6 Policies of the Month.
⭐️ 6 Monthly Safeguarding Scenarios.
⭐️ 6 Bespoke Staff Meeting Trainings.
⭐️ 6 WIFLE (What I feel like Expressing) sections.
⭐️ 6 Parent Contribution Sections.
⭐️ 6 sections for Any Other Business.
⭐️ 6 Employee of the Month Certificates!

Get yours and start preparing for your next staff meeting today!