Impact Daily Organisational

£35.99 inc. VAT

✨ Are you looking for a way to monitor staff and children in each room daily?
✨ Need a tool to track staff training in first aid and safeguarding?
✨ Want to efficiently plan for children with EAL and SEN?

Introducing the IMPACT Daily Organisational Book, designed for you. It includes sections to record:

⭐ The number of children in the room
⭐ The number of children with EAL or SEN
⭐ Staff members present each day
⭐ Staff members trained in first aid or safeguarding
⭐ The ratio being used within the room

This book is a fantastic way of managing your Early Years Setting and ensuring that your staff are aware of the numbers and ratios for each day!

Don’t wait—get your copy today and ensure your team has a clear knowledge and understanding of the ratios in your setting today!