Children’s Voices cards

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✨ How do you currently incorporate children’s voices into the decision-making process when planning activities?
✨ Are you looking for a practical tool to the voices of children are heard within you’re setting?
✨ Do you want to support every child to feel seen, heard and valued?

Well, these Children’s Voices cards make it easier than ever! With 52 different questions, ensuring that the child’s voice is heard! This is the perfect tool for ensuring that your setting adds IMPACT and includes every child.

These cards include questions which will help you to:

⭐️ Ensure that the voice of every child is heard
⭐️ Promote communication and language skills
⭐️ Boost the confidence and self-esteem of the children in your setting

All of our cards can also be bought digitally so you can download them and print them off to use today!

56 questions cards to ask children to engage in conversation and provoke thinking skills

A great way to listen to their voices

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