What is a Significant Event in the Eyes of Ofsted?



What is a Significant Event in the Eyes of Ofsted?2022-05-30T12:58:52+01:00

Walking The Talk


Walking the Talk It has been wonderful to be back out and about in nursery settings. The last two years have been challenging, and it is vital to draw a line and get back into good habits. There has been so much change that we now need to go back [...]

Walking The Talk2022-05-25T11:31:09+01:00

Overcoming Negative Nancys.


Four strategies to overcome your team’s Negative Nancy. How to deal with Negative Nancy or Debbie Downer is one of those topics that come up time and time again, especially when talking with Nursery Managers. Apologies in advance if your name is Nancy or Debbie, Claire, or Susan; this [...]

Overcoming Negative Nancys.2022-05-24T13:03:23+01:00

Who are the vulnerable children?


Who are the vulnerable children? Vulnerable children are a subject dear to my heart, which is why I do what I do. Our job is to focus on our vulnerable children every day, not just on inspection day. The list of vulnerable children increases each year, as does the struggle [...]

Who are the vulnerable children?2022-05-13T12:48:05+01:00

What’s the difference between the real Ofsted inspection and a ‘mock inspection’


What’s the difference between the real Ofsted inspection and a ‘mock inspection’? As a nursery manager, receiving the call from Ofsted that they will be with you tomorrow for your inspection conjures up feelings of nausea, utter dread, and anxiety. The question hangs in the air, was it easier when [...]

What’s the difference between the real Ofsted inspection and a ‘mock inspection’2022-03-28T13:22:37+01:00

The Learning Walk


During your Ofsted inspection, I can honestly say that this is one of the most important parts to get right. It is telling your settings story and why you do what you do. It is also the key to a great inspection. There are many different things to think [...]

The Learning Walk2022-03-11T10:50:36+00:00

The ‘C’ word!


All we keep hearing at Jigsaw are the words Because of the C word  and this week I have made a stand.. After several cancellations and disappointments within the Early Years sector I am now drawing a line in the sand and don’t want to hear it anymore about Covid.. [...]

The ‘C’ word!2021-08-13T16:25:26+01:00

Still Here For You


We are all in a state of shock, of not knowing what comes next. The news every day brings us more sadness, not just here in the UK but across the world. What a strange and unsettled time we are all going through at the moment and who could have [...]

Still Here For You2021-12-07T10:53:23+00:00

Time For Reflection


Hands up who is shocked that Christmas is just around the corner? How many times have you said, “I can’t believe where that year has gone!” “It only feels like yesterday we were putting the decorations up!” ‘What do you mean we have to practice the Nativity again?”   It [...]

Time For Reflection2021-12-07T11:40:07+00:00

Let’s Go Back To Basics


Over the past few months, we have been traveling around the country visiting settings with our quality improvement inspections. There seems to be a common theme coming across the settings. I have seen the most amazing ‘social media’ activities to impress ... what do I mean by this?... activities which [...]

Let’s Go Back To Basics2021-12-07T11:44:34+00:00


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