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Workshop 4 – Sally Wright from The Ark Groups

‘Boy’s Play Tuff!’


A thought provoking training session to provide inspiration and an understanding of the many benefits and possibilities associated with ‘Tuff Tray Play’ and how these can support boys learning in the early years….

In this session Sally will share her ideas and will…

  • Talk through her own reflections surrounding the benefits of incorporating ‘Tuff Tray Play’ into the early years setting and the impact it can have on staff and children, with a focus on supporting boys play and learning. 

  • Explore how boys play differently and discuss the challenges of supporting their chosen style of play.

  • Discuss the benefits of ‘tuff tray play’ and how we can support boy’s interests using this resource in the early years setting.

  • Consider what our role involves for supporting Tuff Tray Play as ‘Facilitators, Observers and Scaffolders’ and explore how this can impact on outcomes for boys.  

  • Sally will also share a selection of ideas and activities for inspiration. 

In this workshop you will have the opportunity to explore different resources and be challenged to think ‘outside of the box’. You will also have the opportunity to ask any questions and get support from Sally and her team!