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Workshop 3 – Roseville Consultancy

The Magic of Loose Parts Play


Attend this session if you would like to: 

Delve deeper into loose parts play and how this type of play can inspire awe and wonder in young children. Learn how the magic of loose parts can support creativity, imagination and critical thinking, and how you can facilitate this in your provision.

In this session we will cover:

* The value and benefits of loose parts play 

* The key principles of designing or enhancing a learning environment that facilitates open-ended play

* Inspiration for providing enticing play experiences, including provocations and invitations that inspire awe and wonder. 

* Exploring your role in open-ended play and how you can be a ‘play ally’

* Breaking down barriers to implementing loose parts play into your provision.

With Hands on experimentation – exploring loose parts through the eyes of a child.