WHAT IS THE ACCREDITATION? This is a question I get asked a lot and simply put the #JustQuality Accreditation is a way for you as an early years setting, to showcase your journey and how you are adding impact into your everyday practice. It is unique to you as it’s just about you and your setting! It’s a celebration of how far you have come and what you have achieved as a team… plus, it’s a valuable tool you can use to show off what you do to Ofsted when they knock at the door!

An added bonus is the accreditation is worth 52 CPD points as well!!!

The #JustQuality accreditation is made up of a specification booklet and floor books for each room in your setting. Each room works through the specification book, evidencing each piece of criteria, the staff team add evidence, such as photos, text, documents, policies and procedures and written evidence to show how you are adding IMPACT into children lives. Just ask yourself what have you done that has had an IMPACT on a child’s life, learning and development and their well-being? (A lot I bet!) Next think about how can you improve on this? Once you’ve made the changes you can add these to your books too. Using the What? So What? What Now? Method to evidence it all.

It is a fantastic self-reflective toolkit, using our award-winning, tried and tested IMPACT Method. The IMPACT method is all about the 3i’s, your intent, implementation and IMPACT! Using the 6 IMPACTS, which are:







Self-reflection means we need to look at what we are doing in the present, thinking about our strengths and the IMPACT of those strengths and how we can improve on them. It also helps to ensure that your entire staff team are on the same page, working together as a tight-knit group, feeling motivated, empowered, valued and really adding IMPACT into everything they do.

When you join the #JustQuality Accreditation, you are never on your own. We have amazing guidance and support in place from our experienced team of assessors ensuring that if you have any queries, all you have to do is email us or pick up the phone for a quick chat.

We have bi-monthly group support Zoom sessions with one of our assessors and all the other settings in your #JustQuality cohort. These sessions really are invaluable in supporting you and your team and keeping you on track within the timeframe. They are chances for you to ask any questions, network with other settings, get some inspiration for your floor books and sometimes just a chance to let off some steam!

When you join the accreditation, you will have access to our Adding Impact Website, which has lots of great advice and ideas to help you on your way, as well as access to our Adding Impact Facebook and Instagram pages; this is an excellent way of getting ideas and asking questions if you get a bit stuck.

At the end of your 12 months, or earlier if you finish before, your floors will be sent back to the JigsawEYC Studio where our expert assessors will assess the books and award you with a bronze, silver or gold #JustQuality adding IMPACT Certificate. You will also get sent your achieved logo and banner for your nursery website and email footers, so everyone can see what you have achieved!

We have had over 700 settings that have worked towards our accreditation so far and many more are presently on their journey, so we know the IMPACT method works with outstanding results. It is always a proud day for everyone involved when a setting achieves its #JustQuality, adding IMPACT Accreditation.

The journey doesn’t just stop once you have achieved your #JustQuality accreditation…. we also offer our #JustQuality – The Journey Continues, which allows you to continue accessing all of our support, tools and resources, with a brand new floor book and specifications to help you continue adding IMPACT.