Here is this week’s QIA round-up from our Auditors:

⭐️ Gender stereotyping – Conversation around Gender is a topic that is increasing in awareness today, so we must increase our knowledge and awareness when working with young children.

⭐️ Are we aware of the language we use that may still stereotype?

⭐️ Are we reflecting on the resources we use?

⭐️ Are we reinforcing stereotypes?

The most straightforward conversation had with a child or the clothes in the dressing-up box can have an impact.

We must consider our role and be critically reflective.

Perhaps you could have staff training and review policies. Conduct peer-on-peer observations that look for this development point and then reflect again.

💜 Professional love – What does this mean? Safeguarding is a priority, but in our role is caring and meeting children’s emotional needs. Recently a setting used this phrase and the Manager has written a blog. It made me reflect on my practice, the practice I see in others, and policies and procedures. What do you do in your setting? What do your policies and procedures say about professional love?

Does either of these topics affect you and your setting? Please comment below and let us know your thoughts; let’s get some conversation going and reflect on what we are currently doing and what IMPACT this has.