I just wanted to say a massive thank you for the DSL course you delivered today. I have taken away so much from it that will not only have a huge impact on myself, but also the staff at my setting and the children and families in our care.

You have such a vast range of knowledge and deliver the content in such a concise and friendly way, I really enjoyed the course.

I not only pledge to put into practice everything I learned from you today, but also to go away and gain further knowledge from the other content you provide, as advised by the other members on the course. I have already signed up to the Management Conference and very much look forward to it.


Can I say this was the best DSL training I have done. So much better than my local authority. The last training was just online due to the first lockdown. The training voice was hard to hear. I would have been the same online course which is why I chose your training program.

I am going to just my new deputy manager on his course now.