The Inspection Hub

A purple background with a gradient going from light to dark and some hand drawn doodles on the top right.

The Inspection Hub

  • Are you feeling stressed and anxious about your impending inspection?

  • Would you like to feel prepared for that dreaded call?

  • Do you need something to put the fire back in your belly?

  • Do you need a helping hand to shine on your learning walk?

  • Would you like help with designing your own curriculum?

We See You…
We Hear You…
We Feel You…

Come and join us in the inspection hub!

Our next Zoom will be:

March Wednesday 20th @ 10am

Make sure you sign up, so you don’t miss out.

The Early Years Inspection Hub

Are you due an inspection?

Do you feel scared and underprepared?

Would you like an insight into what we have been finding whilst out on our quality improvement audits?

We have created The Early Years Inspection Hub to offer support for those getting ready for their inspection by giving an insight into what the JigsawEYC Auditors have been seeing whilst out on Quality Improvement Audits. We will collate all of our monthly findings and deliver them to you via a monthly zoom meeting.

It will be a space to learn, listen and share.

We will be your “go to” for all of your inspection worries, questions and advice.

We’ve got your back!!

Then this hub is for you!

What’s Included:

Monthly Virtual Q+A Meetings with our JigsawEYC auditors (Worth £119.99)

FREE access to The Early Years Inspection Programme (Worth £499.99 – after 6 months of membership)

10% off A Quality Improvement Audit with a JigsawEYC-trained auditor (Mileage not included) (After 3 months of membership)

All for only £27 per month!

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