All we keep hearing at Jigsaw are the words

Because of the C word  and this week I have made a stand.. After several cancellations and disappointments within the Early Years sector I am now drawing a line in the sand and don’t want to hear it anymore about Covid.. however… the Covid word has now been replaced by Curriculum… Aargh… when are we going to get past the letter C….?!?

As of September 2021, the new Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) comes into place and with this new framework comes confusion, anxiety, and stress for nurseries around the UK

At Jigsaw we would already need over 3 pairs of hands to count the numerous calls we have received asking our advice and pleading with us to develop training on the EYFS but with regards to the training our answer is always “we’re afraid not”. This is not because we lack the knowledge, it is because we do not want you to pay for something which you already know.

There are minimal changes in the new framework and nothing that providers should be getting stressed out about, by the time you have finished reading this we hope you will breathe a sigh of relief and embrace the changes in a positive way.

Development Matters and Birth to Five can be used as guidance tools to ensure that children are learning and developing. You have the choice of using either, but also the freedom of designing your own should you wish.

This news is blooming awesome in our opinion!

But how? This is the recurring question providers are asking in our monthly webinars, The Inspection Academy and Mastermind sessions.

Our advice is to break it down into steps, you can create your own bespoke curriculum which ensures your children are learning every day and achieving what they need to with your staff team being the facilitators. You know your children ..not us… not anyone else.

Encourage your staff team to design their own curriculum.. once they take ownership of it they will remember it.. no doubt… Or even go back to the basics… Mary your heart out…

So, your own curriculum is what you want a child to learn. Next comes the intention, this is where you start thinking about the 3 I’s, the intent, the implementation and the impact. The 3 I’s are paramount to the way a child learns, the way a practitioner facilitates and the result. The impact!

Ensure that the whole team are on board and know the importance and key areas of child development. We have seen so many students over the years in our varying roles as managers, lecturers, and inspectors, who have not  understood the importance of child development and what this means.

So come on Early Years… now is your chance to show your knowledge.. create something that is bespoke to you and your children… Big pants on and show ‘em what you are made of….:-)