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Adding Users

Instructions on how to add members of staff to your account are below, and are also included in the first page of the course!

If you have a “Corporate” account, you will see this in your account screen, which you can get to by clicking “Account” in the top right of your screen (or from the bottom of the menu on mobile devices). If you go to your account and click “Subscriptions” (ringed in red on the screenshot below) you will see a list of the courses you’re signed up to. Next to the course name and expiry date, if you have a corporate account that allows you to add staff members you will see the heading “Sub Accounts” – click this, and you will get this screen:

You can see you should have a line that says “X of Y Sub Accounts Used“. If you have purchased (for example) the 2-4 staff membership, you will have one “lead member” – that’s you! – and you can add up to 3 sub-accounts.

You can add them two ways:

  1. Click the grey button indicated by the arrow in the picture, marked Add Sub Account – you can then enter your staff member’s details and sign them up manually yourself.
  2. Below this you will see a unique sign-up link that you can copy and send to all of your staff. This will allow them to sign themselves up and set their own passwords, so this is a slightly better way to do it. Be careful that link does not get shared outside your organisation – once you reach your allocated total of sub-accounts, it will stop working!
Tracking Progress

Corporate accounts have the option to add a “tracking panel” to the account dashboard, so that you can see the progress your staff are making through the course. We only add this on request, so if you’d like this functionality adding to your corporate account dashboard please email with a list of your staff names and setting/school/organisation name so that we can add this for you.