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Testimonial 6

Julia Lymbery - Director Whitchurch Montessori and Forest School Ltd, March 2017

Jigsaw Early Years consultancy helped me by ….

I found Vanessa incredibly helpful from my initial telephone conversation with her right through to my post course evaluation. Vanessa was able to accommodate a training session at our setting which helped us with travel arrangements as several of our practitioners do not drive. 

The result was ….

Outstanding. Even those who had attended a L3 in the last 2 years took a lot of learning from this course. Vanessa was engaging, extremely knowledgeable, passionate and clearly a highly skilled trainer. Vanessa could adapt her training style to suit the audience from our quiet, lacking in confident junior Practitioners to our experienced, have a lot to say more vocal Practitioners. Vanessa ensured the learning was understood and checked understanding throughout the day.

The overall result was the senior managers updating our safeguarding policy to make our whistleblowing policy clearer, introducing visual aids for of golden rules, introducing question of the day, displaying useful posters and so much more.

One thing I liked was their …

Ability to know when to allow open discussion to validate understanding and when to bring the group back together when discussions began to go off track, thus resulting in the day sticking to agreed timings.

I strongly believe that anyone that works with children should attend this course. The more people in the world with the knowledge that Vanessa has to offer WILL result in better protection for children.