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Testimonial 4

Lucy Price, Owner, Woodentots Nursery, FarehaM, Nov 2017

After attending one of Vanessa’s webinars I approached her to carry out some bespoke support and consultancy at my setting, which has taken place every month for the past six months. The support she provided ranged from our planning processes to parental partnership and staff management to our SEF, amongst many other things.

I carried out my research, Vanessa had experience of working as a group manager of a large number of nursery settings, she is a lecturer for the foundation degree and, at that time, was inspecting for Ofsted. She was the perfect person to come and help me!

At our first meeting I was apprehensive, to say the least! I didn’t quite know what to expect, but Vanessa put me at ease immediately. She was approachable, friendly and a great listener! She took a great interest in what our setting was currently working towards and began setting targets of how we could improve and further raise outcomes for children.

As a nursery owner and employer of a large team of staff, I don’t often have the opportunity to receive feedback on my own performance and I found Vanessa did this well. She was very honest and provided clear recommendations about the changes I needed to make and then followed up on these during her next visit.

During the past six months Vanessa has helped me to be confident in the aspects that we are doing well and understand the areas that could be better. I have gained so much from our sessions and feel quite sad that the support has now ended, although unfortunately for Vanessa she can’t get away that easily as I have just booked her for the next six months to provide coaching sessions for my nursery managers!

I cannot recommend Vanessa highly enough!