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Testimonial 3

Maimuna Khan ~ OUTSTANDING childminder

First of all sorry for the long post - but its the truth (i haven’t been bribed into anything - its from the heart)

I can’t recommend Jigsaw Training enough. I do owe a lot to Vanessa. Thanks to her awesome training and signposting I managed to achieve “Outstanding” in my inspection last week. I was really craving an outstanding grade this time, as previously had 2 “Good” inspections.

The first training I attended was “Safeguarding” run on a Saturday. It was affordable and location was perfect. Having enjoyed the training and the way Vanessa makes quite serious topics interesting and engaging - I booked onto another training session in Gosport for Characteristics of Effective Learning, British Values and Everyday Maths. CoEL and British Values were topics I just couldn’t get my head round. Having attended the training all was crystal clear and I implemented these “new found” topics into my practice. It was at this particular training that something stuck with me. The talk was about having a “Good” grade and how far and wide this grade can be but why not aim for an “outstanding”. Those words just stuck with me. Why not???

Another training i attended was a Webinar on “Are you ready?” - this was also very helpful when i had the call from the inspector. I remained calm and asked all the questions I wanted to prior to her arriving. I would recommend this particular training especially if you are due an inspection, all you really need is covered within this topic.

No doubt I have booked onto Autumn training too which the OI was happy to see in my CPD folder.

Its affordable, informative, fun and full of passion - not a moment to be bored whether it be something important like Safeguarding or something fun like Everyday Maths. 

Thanks #jigsawconsultancy #awesometraining #youarethesource #SoWhat