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Testimonial 10

JA Happy House Childminding, West Midlands

After receiving outstanding previously - I find we are under more pressure when Ofsted is due..

The online programme has eased my concerns and will help my whole team.

It covers everything that you should be doing within your setting on an every day basis and not just when Ofsted are due, so we shall personally use it as a ‘Quality assurance toolkit’ along with the book when my team can address their concerns, reflect of their strengths and areas to improve etc..

I love the sections where you discuss matters within your team, great for their ongoing cpd...

Also found the downloads extremely useful as I’m such a jotter- it suits me to jot my notes down etc rather than just work solely online..

Thank you Vanessa for putting alot of hard work and past experience into this programme where it will suit each individual unique setting....