Jigsaw Early Years Consultancy is delighted and proud to have been named as Specialist Education Consultancy of the Year in the 2021/22 Prestige South England awards.

The Prestige Awards are designed to recognize SMEs (Small-to-Medium Enterprises) that have made an outstanding contribution to their field as part of their wider local community, and while we at Jigsaw have always been hugely proud and excited about what we do, having that recognized from outside the Early Years Sector is hugely gratifying.

The detailed citation that went with our award included:

“Jigsaw Consultancy is passionate about making sure they are promoting excellent practice”

“Jigsaw delivers high quality training along with bespoke consultancy services to child minders, pre-schools and full day care settings”

“Vanessa Dooley and her staff appreciate the practicalities of EYFS support, and aim to help create a sustainable, fun and high-quality learning environment”

Prestige Award Certificate

Asked for her reaction to receiving the award Vanessa paid tribute to her team: “Jigsaw has always been dependent on the team around me to make it work, especially during such a tough couple of years for Early Years and for small businesses. It’s their diligence and daily energy that makes what I do possible, and this award is such a great tribute to the hard work put in by all of us at Jigsaw.”

If you’re interested with working with the new South England Specialist Education Consultancy of the Year (and why wouldn’t you be?!) you can get in touch with our award-winning team here.

Prestige Award Certificate
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