Impact Planner

Helping to add IMPACT everyday!

It’s time to get set for September…

  • Do you love to be organised?

  • Do you love Jigsaw EYC stationery?

  • Would you like all of your daily, weekly, and monthly to-dos in one place?

The brand new IMPACT Planner 2023 is coming…

This new planner contains:

⭐️ Your Year at a Glance

⭐️ Training Matrix

⭐️ Supervision Log

⭐️ Monthly Goals

⭐️ Monthly glance calendar

⭐️ Daily Calendar

⭐️ Staff Weekly Planner

⭐️ Absence Tracker


⭐️ Operational Checklist ⭐️

Now available to pre-order!

Delivery Middle of August!

This popular IMPACT Planner has been designed for Early Years Leaders and Managers, helping them manage their day-to-day, week to week and month to month.

Complete with the brand new OPERATIONAL CHECKLIST; this planner has everything you need to kick-start September 2023! Giving you reminders for upcoming events, supervisions and tasks, this planner will help you to stay accountable and in control.

A handy tool with beautiful Jigsaw EYC branding to get you organised and on top of everything in your busy Early Years Life.

Pre-order now to get your planner delivered midAugust, ready for the new term.

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