What does this include?

The ‘Staff Bundle’ has been created as a package to support Managers and/or Owners with the induction process of new staff members and to evidence, you have an effective system in place for the supervision and support of them.

After research, it was clear that the introduction of new staff members to a setting can sometimes be dis-organised and not entirely thorough.

The Induction checklist workbook has been designed to cover every aspect of the process from safer recruitment, identifying training needs and regular supervision meetings through the probation period.

Six Training Modules with individual and relevant lessons have also been created, with a workbook to facilitate a new staff member to consolidate their learning and understanding from the exercise and reflection slides at the end of every lesson.

The Supervision and Well-Being workbook is an ‘all-in-one’ booklet that ensures organised discussions with staff members can be recorded, targets set, training identified and concerns raised in one systematic and comprehensive pack at identifiable periods of time. A well-being questionnaire is also included, helping staff members feel valued and supported.

For £16.00 per user access, you will have everything you need for a thorough and organised induction, training modules to help your staff understand the basics and a supervision and well-being pack that includes all the information needed to meet all the requirements.

Induction Workbook

This workbook has been created for you and your Manager to complete together to ensure a thorough induction programme is being carried out, ensuring all the relevant policies and procedures have been read and understood, training is being identified and carried out where necessary and safe recruitment has been completed before employment.

Apart from being a legal requirement, this Induction Pack, along with the Supervision and Training Packs, will help evidence the learning and understanding taking place for new staff members, valuing and supporting them to understand their new role, what is expected of them and the impact this will have not only on their own continuous personal development but also the development of the children in your setting.

Induction Training

Six training modules have been created for new staff members to access as part of their induction and probation process. After each lesson, there is either a reflection or exercise for them to complete and discuss their findings during induction supervision with the Manager or Mentor and this workbook has been designed to go hand in hand with the training modules.  It will support evidence that learning is taking place and give new staff members an opportunity to reflect on what they have learned, to observe practice and with the Manager, assess the impact this is having in the setting.

Supervision Workbook and Well-Being Questionnaire.

Supervision is part of the Leadership and Management criteria to ensure that Managers and Practitioners are receiving focused and effective professional development and that Managers have opportunities to ensure they are aware of the main pressures and workload on their staff.  A Manager’s responsibility is to ensure that all the staff in the setting, receive regular formal and informal supervision, providing an opportunity to review their staff performance, well-being, practice, and development.

It is also an opportunity for staff to be able to discuss any issues, particularly concerns regarding children’s development or wellbeing, including child protection or safeguarding concerns and to contribute towards developing confident and competent staff groups, to be able to identify solutions and to receive coaching to improve their own personal effectiveness.