The BRAND NEW  ‘Are you ready for your inspection’

helping you to be ready using the new Education Inspection Framework. (EIF)

What does this involve?

Every setting is different, with different needs, numbers of staff, varying degrees of qualifications and abilities and this programme, once purchased and received, is yours to do within the best way that works for you and your team, as individual training or support or as a whole team training, we cannot dictate what you do with it, once you have bought the programme. (the only thing we do dictate is that the programme is NOT shared with anyone outside of your setting)

Once purchased you will have access to the following:

  • Each staff member will have access to the programme.
  • Over 20 Videos linking to each judgement of the new framework.
  • Over 10 BONUS downloads which we have been using within our own Quality Improvement Inspections.
  • Evaluation workbook to each area of judgement for you to download, print and work through either by yourself or with your team.
  • Ideas and tools to help you show the impact you are making.