WOW – Where has the last 4 months gone?

There has been many highs and lows within the last 120 days in Early Years, in the UK and in the World. Did you ever foresee this happening when you were watching from afar…. not me… I was in my own little bubble staying in my own lane, blinkers on.

Ill be honest with you I feel like I have been watching a movie… you watch there will be one in a few years time!

I have done so much reflection and learning within those months and for those of you who have been on the journey and yes it is a journey and people hate that. But that chapter that you have all been in with me you will know that I have been very honest with my range of emotions.

Some of you may say too honest!

I have gladly shared them with you all, I have bared Facebook lives without makeup or washing my hair, or even worse I have been doing them in my PJ bottoms – thinking you couldn’t see – but deep down you knew! I have shared a shopping list from one of neighbours, it amazed me the simplest of things kept you and me going!

As Henry Ford once said….

Coming Together Is A Beginning; Keeping Together Is Progress; Working Together Is Success 

I have shared the story of my dad being admitted with Covid and us not being able to see him for a whole 3 weeks while he fought back and again, this man is an Ox, a fighter and my rock and I now know upon reflection that I will never give up either. I could have curled up in a little ball and believe you me there has been many times when I wanted to do that. But that Ox on my shoulder telling me stick with it.. the Universe has got your back!

And I truly believe it does and that it hard coming from me as I am not sure about the WOO WOO stuff!… but I am learning everyday!

I have learnt you have to be consistent, have to have that fire in your belly to take you forward and become stronger than ever. I know there has been many changes in the way that you run your settings due to the many restrictions, some are not so great but some of these are for the better, and you have worked your socks off, getting over the hurdles to ensure you are staying safe. And that is the most important thing of all.

Many of you have supported Jigsaw in more ways than I could ever express and for that I am truly grateful for. For the friendships we have made, to the groups we have formed, to the private messages and to the support you have all given each other. My mind is blown by the power we have within us as a front and be in it together. In years to come we will look back on this time and have fond memories… I promise you :-)

So whatever you have learnt over the past 4 months, whatever the new norm looks like for you… Remember we are stronger, we are united and we are those

Sticks of ROCK! Break us in half and we are Early Years all the way through

So from ME to YOU…. Reflect on what you have achieved over the past 4 months, don’t be so down on yourself, we are #inittogether and will always be

Sending you much love

Vanessa x