The Journey Continues

After each year you will be need to send the book back to us to assess and we will send back for you to continue on to the next year.
After the second year is completed you have the chance to re do the JustQuality Accreditation and we are delighted to offer this at 20% discount if you stay on this journey

£599.00 inc. VAT

2 year programme to keep your setting accountable and reflective
What will you receive
  • 2 new floor books – 1 for year 1 and 1 for year 2.
  • New The journey accreditation specification book
  • New set of stickers
  • Still access to the private JustQuality Facebook group
  • Still be able to access to the hotline number and bespoke email
  • Still be able to jump of the zooms which will be every two months


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