Short But Impactful Training Bundle

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✨ Are You Looking For Quick and Easy Ways To Train Your Staff?
✨ Do You Struggle To Find The Time To Train Your Team?
✨ Would You Like a Bundle of Short But Impactful Trainings to Share Among your Staff?

This bundle contains all of our 10-Minute Trainings, providing you with a plethora of short but impactful training courses that cover multiple aspects of Early Years.

Within this bundle, you will get access to the following trainings:

⭐️ Online Safety
⭐️ Types of Abuse
⭐️ Emotional Literacy
⭐️ Wellbeing at Work
⭐️ Time Management
⭐️ Dealing with Conflict
⭐️ The 5 Types of Leaders
⭐️ Team Motivation
⭐️ Positive Interactions
⭐️ Leader VS Manager
⭐️ Loose Parts
⭐️ Slowing Down To Speed Up
⭐️ Collaborating With The Local Community
⭐️ Peer-On-Peer Observations
⭐️ Cultural Capital
⭐️ The Learning Walk
⭐️ English As An Additional Language

This bundle saves you over £100 and the training can be used again and again, why not share it with your setting for some quick and easy CPD?