SENCO Essentials – Navigating the Role in Early Years Education

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✨ Have you been looking for training that specifically address the role of a SENCO? ✨

✨ Is your SENCO equipped with the skills to notice the early signs of SEND in young children? ✨

✨ Are you looking for ways to effectively liaise with other professionals about the care of a child with SEND?✨

This training will go through everything a SENCO needs to know, from Legal guidance to the EYFS to promoting collaboration amongst professionals. This training is a MUST-HAVE for any SENCO in an Early Years Setting.

Within this training, you will learn about:

⭐️ Comprehensive Understanding of the SENCO Role and Responsibilities

⭐️ Skills in Identifying and Supporting Children with SEND

⭐️ Effective Communication and Collaboration with Stakeholders

Sign up today and ensure that you are equipped with up-to-date knowledge based on the care of children with SEND.

This course will take place on Friday 13th of December from 9:00am until 10:30am

In stock