Purposeful Supervisions – For Early Years Managers

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✨ How often do you do supervisions in your setting?✨

✨ Are the supervisions impactful and have clear SMART targets for your staff? ✨

✨ Do you want to learn about new ways to take your supervisions to the next level? ✨

Then this training is for you, join us as we go through the fundamentals of effective supervision which you can use as a tool to enhance team performance and promote individual growth.

Within this training, you will learn about:

⭐️ Mastery of Effective Supervision Techniques

⭐️ Enhancing Team Performance and Professional Development

⭐️ Creating a Positive and Productive Work Environment

Sign up today and tart creating a positive and supportive work environment through the art of purposeful supervisions!

This course will take place on Friday 13th of September from 9:00am until 10:30am

In stock