Managers Supervision Pack (PDF Download)

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✨ Have you ever struggled to track supervision dates and ensure they are done regularly?
✨ Are you committed to providing focused and effective professional development for your managers?
✨ Would you like a workbook that helps to save you time and support your managers?

This supervision workbook is part of the Leadership and Management criteria to ensure that Managers and Practitioners are receiving focused and effective professional development and that Managers, Owners and Directors have opportunities to ensure they are aware of the main pressures and workload on their staff. Within this workbook you will get:

⭐ Supervision Information

⭐ Training Needs

⭐ Purpose of Supervisions

⭐ Well-Being Questionnaire

⭐ Supervision Dates

⭐ Support and Development

This document can be downloaded and printed or used as an editable PDF.

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Out of stock