Leadership and Management 50 Interview Questions (PDF Download)

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✨ Do you integrate SMART targets into your leadership approach for strategic planning and continuous improvement?
✨ How prepared do you feel you would be for a Leadership Interview?
✨ Are you looking for questions that can help you to reflect and feel confident in the type of leader you are?

This pack contains 50 questions that you could be asked by an Ofsted inspection when it comes to a Leadership and Management interview.

It contains questions on the following aspects of leadership…

⭐ Admin

⭐ Recruitment

⭐ Inductions

⭐ Supervisions

⭐ Observations, Assessment and Planning

⭐ Safeguarding

⭐ Self-Evaluation

⭐ Communication with Parents and External Agencies

⭐ A Place for SMART Targets

This document can be downloaded and printed or used as an editable PDF.

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