The Personal Development membership for Early Years leaders & managers where we focus on YOU!

Does this sound like you?

✔ You are always so busy making sure everyone else has the mandatory training and following EYFS guidelines but you forget about yourself?

✔ You very rarely have the opportunity to work on you?

✔ You can’t remember the last time you did any training on your own personal development?

This is where the IMPACT Members Club comes into its own!

The IMPACT method is derived from the award winning #JustQuality adding impact accreditation. It takes you on a journey working on YOU, helping you with getting fire in your belly to rise up and show up! Take some time to work on your self-knowledge and personal growth - sign up now!

**Clicking Sign Up takes you to our separate Adding IMPACT website, where you can sign up and pay**


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IMPACT Membership

£59.99 inc. VAT

The IMPACT Membership Club takes you through the six IMPACTs, working on YOUR personal development for a change to help re-light the fire in your belly!