Exploring Nature’s Classroom – Enriching Activities with Outdoor Adventures

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✨ Do you understand the benefits of nature-based learning in an early years setting? ✨

✨ Does your setting foster positive educational experiences when utilising your outdoor area?  ✨

✨ What impact do your outdoor activities have on teaching children about the natural world? ✨

This training will take you on a journey to exploring the hidden wonders of the impact that nature can have on a young child. Revealing a whole new world for you to explore.

Within this training, you will learn about:

⭐️ Understanding the Benefits of Outdoor Learning in Early Childhood Development

⭐️ Designing and Implementing Effective Nature-Based Learning Activities

⭐️ Promoting Environmental Awareness and Sustainability in Early Years

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This course will take place on Friday 21st of February 2025 from 9:00am until 10:30am

In stock