The Inspection Bootcamp – Excel Level

Our Inspection Bootcamp – Excel Level helps you to embark on a journey towards excellence, the package has been designed to empower early years educators and help them deliver the best outcomes for children that they can, all whilst ensuring that they are able to WOW their inspector on the big day. This is the ultimate bundle and contains over £1250 worth of resources, including the ‘Early Years Bible’.

Within the Excel level, you will get access to…

⭐️ The Are You Ready For Your Inspection Manual
⭐️ The Inspection Bootcamp Training Course
⭐️ The Impact Reflective Programme
⭐️ THe Are You Ready For Your Inspection Memory Stick

This is the complete package, from staff training to inspection prep to ensuring the best outcomes for children, the Excel level has it all.

Elevate your setting, empower your team and excel in your practice to help you achieve excellence today!

£599.99 inc. VAT

In stock

In stock