⭐️ The Inspection Bootcamp – Empower Level ⭐️

£129.99 inc. VAT

Introducing our Inspection Bootcamp – Empower Level, a comprehensive solution designed to empower your team and get them ready for their inspection. This level consists of 10 handcrafted training videos designed to guide you through everything you need to be able to achieve amazing results!

This level will provide team training on the following topics:

⭐️ An Inspection Calls Video with the Call Crib Sheet
⭐️ Mastering the Learning Walk Video with the Learning Walk Audit
⭐️ Igniting the Day with Intentions Video with the 3I’s and Focus Children Worksheet
⭐️ Collaborative Observations with Your Inspector with the Joint Observations Toolkit
⭐️ The Leadership Race Sets the Team Pace with the Leadership Questions
⭐️ Protectors of Safety with the Safeguarding Audit
⭐️ Effective Supervision Strategies for Early Years Practitioners with the Staff Supervision Journal
⭐️ Supporting Vulnerable Children with the Vulnerable Children Worksheet
⭐️ Building Bridges with Parents with the Parents Questionnaires
⭐️ Nurturing Children’s Wellbeing with the Digital Children’s Voices Cards

On top of this, our Empower level comes with the Impact Reflective Toolkit so you can combine this with the training to reflect on your current practice and start implementing changes. Start empowering your team today!