Digital Schema Cards (PDF Download)

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✨ Are you aware of the 9 types of schemas?
✨ How do you support children with schemas?
✨ Would you be interested in a resource that ensures your team is equipped to support children with schemas?

Our Digital Schema Cards are the perfect way of ensuring that your team are aware of and understands the 9 types of schemas, alongside how you can use schemas to your advantage when it comes to supporting a child with their development. Within this pack, you will receive 54 questions covering a variety of aspects involving schemas, this includes:

⭐️ Understanding the 9 types of Schemas
⭐️ How Schemas can support a child’s development and learning
⭐️ Sharing information about Schemas with Parents and external agencies

So, why not start your journey into the world of schemas today and see the IMPACT that it has on your setting!