Digital EAL Cards (PDF Download)

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✨ How many children have English as an Additional Language in your setting?
✨ What do you do to support them with their communication and language?
✨ Do you incorporate the child’s home language in your setting?

The JigsawEYC Digital EAL Cards are a perfect tool for helping you communicate with children who have English as an additional language. With 12 keywords in 18 languages; this tool can be perfect for crossing the language barrier and supporting your children!

Each set contains the English word, the translated word, the phonetic sound and the Makaton sign.

This pack includes the following languages:

⭐️ Albanian
⭐️ Arabic
⭐️ Bulgarian
⭐️ Czech
⭐️ French
⭐️ Hindi
⭐️ Italian
⭐️ Latvian
⭐️ Malayalam
⭐️ Mandarin
⭐️ Marathi
⭐️ Polish
⭐️ Portuguese
⭐️ Romanian
⭐️ Russian
⭐️ Spanish
⭐️ Turkish
⭐️ Urdu

Please be aware that this product is a digital download… Once purchased, print yourselves, cut out and laminate the cards you require from the pack.