Are You Ready For Your Inspection Manual

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The Are You Ready For Your Inspection Manual is back! Often referred to as a ‘Manager’s Bible’, this amazing product covers everything about ensuring that you are ready to ‘WOW’ your inspector on the big day!

With over 60 documents and 500 pages of information, this is a MUST-HAVE for any Early Years Settings! Within this Manual, you will receive documents on the following topics:

⭐ What to do Before The Inspection – 4 Documents

⭐ Evaluations – 8 Documents

⭐Leadership and Management – 5 Documents

⭐Quality of Education – 8 Documents

⭐ Behaviour and Attitudes – 3 Documents

⭐ Personal Development – 3 Documents

⭐ Safeguarding – 5 Documents

⭐ Questionnaire – 3 Documents

⭐ Staff – 10 Documents

⭐ Training – 9 Documents

⭐ Other Resources, including the BRAND NEW Education Inspection Framework Audit – 6 Documents

All documents are stored in an easy-to-access binder.

For those of you who bought our older edition of the Manual in 2021, you will be happy to know that not only does this revised Manual contain up-to-date and relevant information but it also has over 25 new documents that were not included in the past edition (These are worth over £350)

So if you want to ensure that your setting is organised, prepared and compliant with Ofsted, then this is perfect for you.

This is your secret weapon to inspection success!

In stock

Watch this video to find out why the Are You Ready For Your Inspection Manual is the MUST-HAVE Early Years product of the year.

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