• Safer Hiring Toolkit

    £49.99 inc. VAT
    🌟 Introducing Our Safer Hiring Toolkit! 🌟 Streamline your hiring process and ensure safety with our comprehensive toolkit for just £49.99 (worth £59.98 if bought separately)! 🛠️ What's Inside:
    1. Application Form: A ready-to-use form to capture all essential applicant details.
    2. Job Descriptions: Bespoke descriptions for all staff roles, tailored to each position.
    3. Safer Recruitment Policy Statement: A clear policy to ensure safe and effective hiring practices.
    4. Reference Request Form: Simplified form to obtain vital references from previous employers.
    5. Self Disclosure Form: Ensure transparency with our self-disclosure form.
    6. Interview Question Examples: Tried and tested questions to guide your interviews.
    7. Recruitment Checklist: Keep track of the entire recruitment process with our comprehensive checklist.
    8. Interview Cards: Included as a digital download, these cards provide further support during interviews.
    9. Interview Booklet: A gold dust all-in-one booklet to store all information, where you can record answers from applicants.
    Ensure a safe and efficient hiring process with our all-in-one toolkit, designed to help you recruit the best candidates while maintaining the highest standards of safety. 👇 Invest in your team's future today!
  • 🌟 Achieve Operational Excellence with Our Compliance Toolkit! 🌟 Maintain compliance and streamline your operations for just £49.99 (worth £69.98 if bought separately)! 🛠️ What's Inside:
    1. Operational Audit: Conduct a thorough assessment using our RAG rating system.
    2. Monthly Operational Checklist: Cover all crucial areas including:
      • Accidents and Incidents
      • Medication and First Aid Log
      • Rotas
      • Pre-existing Injuries Log
      • Risk Assessments Log
      • Staff Logs (Sickness and Supervisions)
    Our toolkit is designed to help you keep your setting running smoothly and safely, ensuring compliance with all operational standards. 👇 Order your toolkit now and take the first step towards operational excellence!
  • 🌟 Enhance Your Preschool Room with Our All-in-One Toolkit! 🌟 Revamp your preschool environment with our comprehensive Preschool Room Toolkit for just £49.99 (worth £62.97 if bought separately)! 🛠️ What's Inside:
    1. Preschool Room Audit: Utilise the RAG rating and the Impact Method to thoroughly evaluate your setting, covering:
      • Reflection
      • Protection
      • Interaction
      • Inspiration
      • Progression
      • Collaboration
    2. Early Years Summary Transfer Form: Ensure seamless information transfer between settings.
    3. Transition Action Plan: Facilitate smooth transitions with a detailed action plan.
    4. EYFS Transitions Audit: Evaluate and enhance your transition processes.
    5. Timeline for Transitions: Track key dates and activities for effective transitions.
    6. Children's Voices Digital Cards: A digital download to capture the perspectives and voices of the children.
    Perfect for any preschool or preschool room in a group provider setting, this toolkit provides everything you need for effective transitions and continuous improvement. 👇 Order your toolkit today and transform your preschool room!
  • Toddler Room Toolkit

    £39.99 inc. VAT
    🌟 Introducing Our Toddler Room Toolkit! 🌟 Take your toddler room to the next level for just £39.99! 🛠️ What's Inside:
    1. Toddler Room Audit: Utilise the RAG rating and the Impact Method to comprehensively evaluate and improve your toddler room. Key areas covered include:
      • Reflection
      • Protection
      • Interaction
      • Inspiration
      • Progression
      • Collaboration
    2. Progress Checks at Age 2: Ensure compliance with the Statutory Framework with our thorough progress checks, a mandatory aspect for all settings.
    3. Schema Training Cards: Included as a digital download, these cards will help you implement effective schema training.
    Understanding your current position is crucial for ongoing development. Our toolkit provides you with the necessary tools and insights to create a nurturing and stimulating environment for toddlers. 👇 Get your toolkit today and start making a difference!
  • Baby Room Toolkit

    £39.99 inc. VAT
    🌟 Discover Our Baby Room Toolkit! 🌟 Evaluate and elevate your baby room for only £39.99! 🛠️ What's Inside:
    1. Baby Room Audit: Knowing where you are is the first step to making meaningful improvements. Our audit, using the RAG rating and the Impact Method, covers essential areas such as:
      • Reflection
      • Protection
      • Interaction
      • Inspiration
      • Progression
      • Collaboration
    2. Brilliant Little Minds Baby Training Cards: Included as a digital download, these cards are perfect for enhancing your baby room practices.
    Regular evaluation ensures your baby room provides the best possible environment. Our toolkit equips you with everything needed for ongoing reflection and growth. 👇 Get your toolkit now and start transforming your baby room!
  • ✨ Are you searching for new ways to do staff training in your setting? ✨ Have you spent hours trying to think of the perfect training to do with your team? ✨ How great would it be to have 18 bespoke training sessions designed to provoke thinking and reflection within your team? The IMPACT Training portfolio contains 18 bespoke training sessions designed to provoke thinking and help your team reflect on their practice. Helping you add IMPACT into your setting whilst showing Ofsted what you are doing to improve your practice! Within this portfolio; you will get 3 training sessions on each of the 6 Impacts: (totalling 18 training sessions) ⭐️ Reflection ⭐️ Protection ⭐️ Progression ⭐️ Collaboration ⭐️ Interaction ⭐️ Inspiration Each training session is designed to last around 30 minutes and includes the whole team through whole-group and small-group sessions. The only resources you'll need are the training portfolio, pens, paper and teamwork! Please see the image below for an example of one of the trainings. Within each IMPACT you will have a section to ask how the team are feeling, taking time to focus on their well-being. There is also a section to discuss what has gone well this month in the setting and what has not gone so well plus, space to record this so you can look back on it. This is the ultimate reflective training tool, bringing your team together and ensuring your staff meetings and team training are adding IMPACT!!
  • Discover What’s Inside the Toolkit:
    • Early Years Summary Transfer Form: This essential form captures all the necessary details about a child's early years experience, ensuring a smooth handover to the next setting or room.
    • Early Years Transition Audit: Assess your current transition processes with this comprehensive audit tool. It helps you identify areas for improvement and ensures that transitions are as seamless as possible.
    • Timeline Tracker for Transitions: Keep track of all important transition milestones with this handy timeline tracker. It's designed to help you manage each phase effectively, ensuring no detail is overlooked.
    • Transition Action Plan: This detailed action plan allows you to outline specific steps needed to enhance the transition experience for children. It’s a great way to ensure that everyone involved is prepared and informed.
    • Downloadable Content: The toolkit includes 13 pages of downloadable resources, ready to print and use immediately.
    This makes it easy for you to access and implement the tools, helping children move confidently to their next stage of learning.
  • ✨ Do you integrate SMART targets into your leadership approach for strategic planning and continuous improvement? ✨ How prepared do you feel you would be for a Leadership Interview? ✨ Are you looking for questions that can help you to reflect and feel confident in the type of leader you are? This pack contains 50 questions that you could be asked by an Ofsted inspection when it comes to a Leadership and Management interview. It contains questions on the following aspects of leadership... ⭐ Admin ⭐ Recruitment ⭐ Inductions ⭐ Supervisions ⭐ Observations, Assessment and Planning ⭐ Safeguarding ⭐ Self-Evaluation ⭐ Communication with Parents and External Agencies ⭐ A Place for SMART Targets This document can be downloaded and printed or used as an editable PDF. Please note that you will only have access to this download for 60 days after the date of purchase.
  • ✨ Are you looking for a way to organise your staff file so that everything is straightforward to access? ✨ How helpful would it be to have a checklist to ensure you have all the necessary documents? ✨ Can you imagine how much time you will save using this toolkit? This Staff Toolkit has been designed to help managers organise their staff files from when a new team member starts. In the Staff File Toolkit, you will get the following: ⭐ A Checklist containing everything that you should have in your staff file. ⭐ A place to document the supervision within your setting. ⭐ A CPD Log for you to store your team's training. ⭐ A place to document the peer-on-peer observations within your setting. ⭐ A Well-Being Questionnaire to document how you support your team. It can be downloaded and printed out or used and edited digitally.
  • ✨ How prepared are you for your inspection? ✨ Do you know everything you must have covered before the big day? ✨ Are you looking for a comprehensive toolkit that has all the answers? JigsawEYC has handcrafted the Inspection Toolkit to support you with everything you need to prepare for your inspection and show Ofsted what makes you shine! With tons of downloads to help you with every aspect of your inspection, this is a must-have toolkit for all Early Years settings! What is included?

    ⭐  List of Documents ⭐  The Call Crib Sheet ⭐  What to expect ⭐  Evaluation of Rooms ⭐  Leadership and Management Evaluation with action plan ⭐  Quality of Education Evaluation with Action Plan ⭐  Behaviour and Attitudes with Action Plan ⭐  Personal Development with Action Plan ⭐  Learning Walk toolkit ⭐  Operational Checklist for the month ⭐  Leadership and Management Interview Questions ⭐  Complaints form ⭐  Observations toolkit including joint observations form ⭐  Progress Check at 2 ⭐  Early Years Transition form ⭐  Early Years transition audit ⭐  Vulnerable children form ⭐  Safeguarding Quiz ⭐  Safeguarding Audit ⭐  Safeguarding training checklist ⭐  Safer recruitment  including application form template ⭐  Safeguarding cause for concern form ⭐  Staff Induction ⭐  Staff Supervision Journal ⭐  Transfer documentation form ⭐  Daily report template Get yours and start preparing today to ensure you really wow the inspector!

  • ✨ Have you ever wished for a simple way to encourage staff participation and feedback during meetings? ✨ How often do you spend loads of time thinking of new ways to do staff meetings? ✨ Do you want a toolkit with the next 6 months of Staff Meetings planned for you? The Staff Meetings Toolkit contains everything you need to deliver an effective staff meeting and add IMPACT into your setting. This toolkit contains the following: ⭐️ 6 Policies of the Month. ⭐️ 6 Monthly Safeguarding Scenarios. ⭐️ 6 Bespoke Staff Meeting Trainings. ⭐️ 6 WIFLE (What I feel like Expressing) sections. ⭐️ 6 Parent Contribution Sections. ⭐️ 6 sections for Any Other Business. ⭐️ 6 Employee of the Month Certificates! Get yours and start preparing for your next staff meeting today!
  • ✨ Are you looking for a tool that ensures quality education and effective leadership in your setting? ✨ Can you see the value of a clear framework guiding your continuous improvement efforts? ✨ How helpful would it be to have RAG ratings on key sections of your setting? Our Education Inspection Framework ensures your setting has a high quality of early years education through effective leadership and continuous improvement. Within this document you will get: ⭐️ RAG ratings on key sections of your setting. ⭐️ A place to record your line of enquiries from your previous inspection. ⭐️ A document to question staff and ensure they know where their key children are at. ⭐️ An action plan to record what you will do to improve your findings!
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