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Welcome to Exploring the power of play conference 2020! This year we are focusing on us being able to ENGAGE, EMBRACE AND EMPOWER within the sector we are working in. We are delighted to have the most amazing ‘Defender of play’ herself, Denita Dinger coming from USA to deliver her outstanding Keynote speech; Embracing Play.

Click below for more information about the Keynote and learn about what to expect on the day:

Denita Dinger - Embracing Play Keynote


Denita Dinger is a defender of the joyful and valuable learning that occurs in child-led play. She is also the founder of Play Counts facebook group where many of you already follow. She is passionate about bringing that joy to all early childhood settings, and helping others see play for what it truly is: the BEST way for a young child to build the foundation for a life- time of learning. Denita's presentations are heartfelt, humorous, valuable and most importantly, REAL.

She doesn't just throw out theory. She is all about practice and understands when people struggle with seeing the learning power of play. We are honoured and delighted she has chosen Jigsaw Early Years Consultancy’s Exploring the power of play 2020 conference to share her experiences.

More and more, play has been replaced with teacher-directed learning. We no longer trust play as a child’s work. This keynote will not only define what play actually is, it will inspire the participants to embrace the learning power that is organically found in play. Through her 18 years of working with young children, Denita has learned that teaching isn’t so much about showing and doing as it is about stepping back, observing and supporting the current interests of children. This keynote will give participants a new appreciation for play and a fresh perspective on the value of child-led play. Through the sharing of simple ideas for setting the environment for successful play-based, child-centered learning, the roles of the adult in child-centered play will be CLEARLY defined. Participants will leave this session refreshed, energized and feeling empowered with valuable tools that will help them embrace play. Not only is Denita delivering our keynote this year she has asked if she could deliver a workshop too.

Who are we to say no to such an offer!


Exploring children with a gift of control

In this workshop you will walk away from this workshop with practical ideas that will empower children with the type of control that provides opportunities to build life-long skills.


Promoting Early Years Practitioners Mental Health & Wellbeing.

We are told one in four of us will experience mental health issues in the next twelve months so it is vitally important to ensure we raise awareness and normalise conversations around mental health and illness.


The Magic of Loose Parts Play

Delve deeper into loose parts play and how this type of play can inspire awe and wonder in young children. Learn how the magic of loose parts supports creativity, imagination and critical thinking, and how you can facilitate this


Boy’s Play Tuff!

A thought provoking training session to provide inspiration and an understanding of the many benefits and possibilities associated with ‘Tuff Tray Play’ and how these can support boys learning in the early years…


Sensory Stories in Early Years 

Sensory Stories tell a story using words and sensory stimuli which can be highly motivating and engaging for young learners.  This workshop will give you the tools and strategies create your own sensory stories


First come first served!

Sold out in 4 days last year so get in quick.. the event of the year in Hampshire