Over the past few months, we have been traveling around the country visiting settings with our quality improvement inspections. There seems to be a common theme coming across the settings.

I have seen the most amazing ‘social media’ activities to impress …

what do I mean by this?… activities which are being replicated from social media groups but actually they have no impact.

There is no point in doing the arty farty activity in the room if the children are not benefiting from it.

There is definitely no point in the arty farty activities if practitioners do not know the intention or most of all know how to interact with children.

This is basic rule 1

Engaging in full conversation with children ignites their brain to provoke learning – FACT

We spend so much time scrolling through on our phones looking for ideas 

Why not ask the children what they want 

My lovely friend Denita Dinger has taught me one thing that I will always take with me

Ask the child:

WHAT’s your plan?
When children enter the setting…ask them.. they are the learners ..we are just the facilitators

Talk to your children to find out what they want to learn…

Surely that basic skill needs to be at the forefront of every educator … not what we want them to do… it’s all about what children want.

Have a listen to Denita in THE CHAT IN THE SHACK… be empowered … go back to basics and learn from the children