YES, it is!

Today has been an awesome day and if you are reading this you now on our BRAND-NEW looking website which will showcase what IMPACT is all about….

So, what does this word mean?

How long have you got!!

Impact is – What do you do that has an effect on someone else? Simples really. So, think about what you have done today which has had an IMPACT on a child, a staff member, a parent or carer, or even yourself.

Did you intend to make an IMPACT or did it just happen?

There are days when we all think What on earth are we doing? Yes. We all get them… but let’s change our own mindset… When you wake up next first thing to say to yourself is

What can I do today that will affect a child in my setting positively?

That is your INTENT… then the magic works…. You have to IMPLEMENT this ….

Write this down… I am a firm believer that if I write things down I will make it happen.

So, after you have your INTENT and you plan to IMPLEMENT this during that day – At the end…. What was the IMPACT? Was it a good one, or if not, go back to the drawing board…? How can you make it have a positive IMPACT?

TODAY we made an IMPACT in the release of your brand-new book… not only did it become

#1 best-selling in 3 categories

it also became #20 in the overall best-selling books…we actually overtook Michelle Obama on Amazon !!! ….

Truly honoured and humbled by the IMPACT you have all made to me today by purchasing the book

From the bottom of our hearts – THANK YOU….

Your implementation of your INTENT made a huge IMPACT on our day…

Now go and do the same to children in your setting… Fire in your belly is what we all need and remember YOU ARE THE SOURCE!