IMPACT Day Nursery Owners Mastermind

The place where you can celebrate your successes and discuss your dilemmas with the 2022 cohort of Day Nursery Owners

“It’s a lonely world as an owner of an early years day setting”

Are you looking for a place where you can celebrate your successes and discuss your dilemmas, a place which is safe and you can network with people in the same boat as you?

Through the last 20 months you have managed to survive with the highest of stress levels.

You have had to motivate your team, find the right new staff member, be sure you are prepared for your early years inspection as well as look after yourself.

I congratulate you as it has been so hard…So hard. But now is a time to get the support and mentoring you need for you so that you can be heard and feel you are being listened to.

  • We hear you
  • We can help you
  • We have got you
Are you ready for your inspection book

we have the solution

We do not want you to have another year like last year.

We want to support you, alongside your fellow day nursery owners.

This is where the Day Nursery Owners IMPACT Mastermind is to help you for 2022.

So why should you join?

What can we offer you at Jigsaw where no other Early Years Consultancy can?

We are the only Early Years Consultancy where the mentor has experience in Early Years Inspections, Managed 6 outstanding settings and is the #1best selling author of Are You Ready for Your Inspection (3rd Edition launched January 2022)

I would like to join the DNO Mastermind

What can we offer?

  • Bi-monthly all day meet ups at the amazing Kimbridge Barn, Hampshire
  • Bi-monthly Zoom calls for hotseat questions
  • Private Facebook Group
  • FREE Access to The Early Years Inspection Programme (launching March 2022)
  • FREE copy of Are You Ready for Your Inspection (3rd Edition publishing January 2022)

  • Voxer contact between 8-6 (Mon-to Fri)
  • IMPACT Mastermind Workbook

Bi-Monthly Meet Ups

In the gorgeous Kimbridge Barn, Hampshire

Voxer Contact

Private Access to your mentor 8-6 (Monday to Friday) using Voxer chat

Impact Mastermind Workbook

A place for you to document all your questions


The support we get in this group is amazing. It is a lonely world as an owner and  I have met some great friends where when we get together we can bounce ideas off each other

Over the past 2 years I have found this group has given me so much support. I am so glad I found this mastermind. And the icing on the cake is Kimbridge is amazing

Just thank you for this space. I have found Jigsaw when I didn’t know which way to turn and it has been a godsend. The group has helped with my own confidence as an owner too.

I would like to join the DNO Mastermind
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The Next Day Nursery Owners Mastermind starts in January 2022 – Will you be part of it?
YES! I would like to join the DNO Mastermind