Exploring The Power of Play (EPOP) 2021 Festival – HAMPSHIRE

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TIME: 9:30 AM – 4 PM

VENUE: Hilton@Ageus Bowl, Botley Rd, West End, Southampton SO30 3XH

Exploring The Power of Play (EPOP) 2021 Festival – HAMPSHIRE

Teacher Tom

Teacher Tom


Childhood play is the way humans are designed to educate themselves from the earliest ages, and it actually creates the foundation for all future learning.The longterm positive effects of play-based early childhood education simply cannot be overstated.
In this full-throated support for play-based education, Teacher Tom shares illustrative classroom stories and examples of how his own play-based curriculum works. Participants will learn the benefits of introducing his playful principles to their own students, what constitutes the hallmarks of a TeacherTom inspired play-based environment, and practical tips for how to transform their own practice as early years educators. It is an inspiring, often touching, often hilarious, and always eye-opening and empowering presentation.



Superhero Play – Emotional well-being, Positivity and Fun!
Is it a bird?
Is it a plane? 💡
No, it’s a superhero workshop delivered by national award-winning trainer Ben Kingston-Hughes from Inspired Children.
In this practical workshop, we look at the profound impact of superhero play on our more vulnerable children and showcase a wealth of superhero-themed experiences to engage and delight all of our children.
We also look at the real villains in children’s lives, adults who restrict, undermine and cause anxiety and we look at how positive play can give children the emotional well-being and resilience to cope and thrive despite the negative influences on their lives.
Thought-provoking and fun with a wealth of practical experiences – have fun whilst fighting crime and injustice!


🌟Emma is registered SandStory® therapist, a play therapist and a trainer, having taught extensively in the UK and Europe 
SandStory® holds a safe and gentle space for your conscious to be curious and to ‘dialogue’ with your unconscious so that intuitive insights and significant shifts may take place.
❤️The workshop aims could be:
❤️Understand how children can work through their problems and trauma through therapeutic play
❤️Actively experience how this may feel through a practical activity
❤️Further already acquired knowledge about the way in which children are able to express their feelings



Wendy Hamley will explore the importance of Risky play and the effects this has on children on their play and development

🌟Why is risky play such an important part of childhood?

🌟What is risky play in the outdoors? Remember back to your own childhood memories, Do you remember what the risks where?

For today’s children, we often wrapped them in cotton wool where they are unable to make their own judgements about risk. How can we enable children to experience managed risks?

Making their own decisions, therefore helping produce more confident individuals. By focusing on the whole child, we can adapt to their learning.

An environment outside the formal educational settings, woodland creates its own learning environment framed by safety routines and established boundaries.

Children need to be kept safe from potential harm and hazards at all times, but they also need to explore and take risks.



Greg Bottrill – Author of Can I go and play now and his latest book School and the Magic of Children

Greg’s workshop will be called…


Looking for a way to sprinkle extra magic over the top of your practice and continuous provision?

Wanting to develop your outdoor play and indoors too whilst creating stronger connections with parents and children alike?

Then Adventure Island is for you.

An immersive yet simple approach to play, Adventure Island is a living storybook that can transform your interactions and development of language, mark making, mathematics and well-being. At its heart lies Joy and there can no greater thing that childhood deserves…

…who knows, you might find it too on the Island…?


Becky is Acorn’s Early Years Trainer and Consultant. With over 20 years’ experience in the Early Years Sector, in which she has gained experience in various roles, including Nursery Management, Chairperson of the Milton Keynes Childminding Association, and running her own childcare business that achieved two consecutive ‘Outstanding’ Ofsted grades, before closing her business to become a full-time trainer and consultant.

👉This exciting, practical workshop explores the importance of attachment and forming secure relationships with a key person in an enabling, sensory-rich and nurturing environment.
👉We’ll consider how to provide a safe yet stimulating environment where a baby feels confident to explore the curiosities, awe and wonder of the world through their senses.
👉Be sure to leave inspired with new ideas, delving in and enjoying the ride as you explore first hand developmentally appropriate activities that stimulate all the senses, including two all-important ones that are often overlooked.
👉I look forward to taking you on an adventurous journey through the senses, unlocking the potential for boosting babies’ brain development.