Devise Your Own
Impact Curriculum
Design your own IMPACT curriculum!

We visit many settings that are struggling or are too nervous and anxious to design their own curriculum.

Why? – because they are scared of getting it wrong?

They don’t know where to start.

They feel it is a big job.

Trying to get their whole team on board is tricky.

They feel the current planning has no purpose, and you need to find out why that is.

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So this is where we can help you…

We have devised a programme which can help you design your own curriculum and give you the fire in your belly to help your team become motivated and enthusiastic about their job again. As well as a fuller understanding of what early child development looks like.

We will help you discover the point of the 3 I’s and look at how you can put this into your planning so that every child has a real chance of developing and extending their learning.

This is a four-week programme where we will deliver a face-to-face zoom each session.

We will give you tasks to go away and do that you can bring back the next week and discuss how you can improve. This will ensure that you are totally adding impact.

£149.99 including vat

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Here’s What We Will Cover:

  • Week 1, Wednesday 5th October – Welcome and Where Are You Now, What Works and What Doesn’t.

  • Week 2, Thursday 13th October – The Intentions, The Implementation and The IMPACT.

  • Week 3, Thursday 3rd November – The Pillars of Learning.

  • Week 4, Wednesday 9th November – The Planning.

All of the Zoom’s will take place between 9:30-11:30am

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