Did EPOP 2023 leave you want more?

Would you like to take your team for a whole day of CPD?

Do you wish there was a day to celebrate all things Early Years?

Well Don’t You Worry…

Jigsaw Early Years Consultancy has a special something just for you!

We are proud to present the Early Years festival of the year!

Exploring the Power of Play 2024

Our Wonderful Keynote Speaker – Shonette Bason-Wood

Fun to Impact the Future

This keynote will focus on the importance of happiness within oneself in order to impact the learning and development of children. It will also include practical ideas on how to provide fun and engaging learning opportunities through play and movement. Shonette is an experienced Early Years Practitioner who has built a curriculum based on neuro-scientific research which accelerates child development and bridges the gap caused by the pandemic.

Shonette’s delivery will not only provide practical ideas but will also motivate practitioners through her unique mix of humour and realism.

Embark on a day of learning, CPD and team building! Be inspired and motivated by our inspirational keynote speaker and workshops. Indulge in delicious food, drinks & snacks!


Check out our Workshops below:

Abbie Swann

How To Harness Hygge – Using Nature to Create Magical Moments

When it comes to hygge, it is all about the art of creating a calm and cosy atmosphere where you feel comfortable and safe. It’s also a space where you can find connection, celebrating moments of togetherness. We are going to embrace ourselves into the power of hygge and how this can improve wellbeing and self care for children and practitioners.

How we can make some tweaks to our practice to help make our children happier and have greater impact. A big focus is getting outside and the real magic that comes to our learning when we use nature.

Glenn Denny

Exploring the Curious and Complex Nature of Two-Year-Olds: A Journey of Investigation and Discovery

2 year olds are complex and curious beings and love to investigate and explore their environment. It can be difficult for some practitioners to find the right level of challenge that can also empower the children to feel independent whilst also feeding their natural curiosity as we guide and scaffold their investigations.

By using many techniques, provocations and invitations that I have produced over the years, this will show practitioners that overthinking things isn’t needed.

Jess Barnaschone

Harmonious Beginnings: Holistic Stimulation with Baby Yoga, Massage, Melodies, and Tummy Time

Harmonious Beginnings offers a nurturing and holistic approach to infant development through a blend of activities. Baby Yoga enhances flexibility and motor skills, while soothing Massage promotes bonding and relaxation. Melodies engage young minds, fostering auditory sensitivity.

Tummy Time encourages strength and exploration. Together, these practices create a foundation for balanced growth and a strong parent-child connection.

Sarah Emerson

Supporting Behaviour, Big Feelings and Early Mental Health through Connection-based Practice

Within this workshop you will learn what is meant by ‘connection-based practice’; how it supports mental well-being and behaviour; and how to apply it to create an emotionally safe early years environment.

By the end of this workshop you will understand how young children learn about emotions and how to support them in this.

Stella Ram-Louis

Schematic Play – A Dive into the child’s mind and how they learn.

Schemas are a huge part of a child’s life; they reflect how they want to experience the world and how they like to learn. Within this workshop, you will learn about Schemas, where they come from, how they develop, and what you can do to help support the children with this.

We will also look at how the environment can be used to stimulate the minds of the children and accommodate their schemas whilst linking this to the EYFS and the children’s learning.

Marlis Juerging-Coles

The Magic of Stories – Supporting Language Development + Literacy

This workshop aims to encourage practitioners in early years settings to think about the stories that they are telling within their setting and ensuring that they are doing their part to bring stories to life.

Stories can be used to support children with many aspects of their development including their language and emotional literacy. This workshop will help you to uncover the magic behind a story!

Venue: Tollgate Estate, Stanbridge Lane, Awbridge, Hampshire, UK
Date: Saturday, September 7th 2024
Time: 9:00 am – 6:00 pm

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