Exploring the Power of Play 2022

Have recent events left you feeling a little deflated?

Are you looking for some learning & training to give you the fire back in your belly?

Are you an Early Years Practitioner, Manager or Owner with a passion that fuels purpose?
Jigsaw Early Years Consultancy have something just for you…
We are proud to present, the event of the Early Years calendar…
Exploring the Power of Play 2022!
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Join us for an inspiring day of fun and learning as we explore the importance of play with some of Early Years top experts! Take part in a variety of interactive workshops from 9am-4:30pm where we will look at the IMPACT play has on early learning.

Set in the most beautiful venue, with lots of outdoor space, each workshop will have its own area to inspire you with.

Later there is a chance to relax and unwind whilst networking with others in the Early Years sector, sharing valuable knowledge and experience that will provide us all with the fuel to go back and add IMPACT. With street food, live music and dancing from 4:30-9pm, it’s time to celebrate Early Years sticks of rock… YOU!

Get Me To The Festival!

Exploring The Power of Play (EPOP) 2022 Festival – HAMPSHIRE

The Festival in the Field


the festival in a field – EPOP 2022

The place where like minded early years practitioners can come together to celebrate all they have achieved over the past year, whilst learning new approaches and ideas to take back into setting and motivate the rest of the team.

Join us as we go on a journey to discover the importance of play and the IMPACT it has on us, our teams and our children.

“Play is our brains favourite way of learning” – Diane Ackerman

Count Me In!
Exclusive Entertainment
The Queen Bee Dani

Drawing on over 20 years’ experience in business, from presenting & eventing to leadership & management training, Dani uses her knowledge of both traditional employment in the corporate sector and self-employment in the entertainment industry to deliver memorable, inspirational and thought-provoking talks in her own unique and distinctive style bringing truth, humour and a shit ton of practical advice.

 And it is not just her own speaking that Dani specialises in. Through her world class courses, masterminds and VIP experiences Dani helps people all over the world from novices to celebrities! 


Wendy Hamley

Naturing Nature, The Holistic Approach to Outside Learning.

Join Wendy Hamley in an enabling outdoors environment where you can explore the importance of nature alongside the importance of holistic learning. This interactive workshop will contain plenty of dens, shelters, fairy villages, mini beast and lots more exciting visuals to explore.

Join Wendy in this fantastic workshop where you can whittle wands and explore how nature can help you and your setting to support children.

James Tunnell

Using Loose Parts to Spark Creativity and Challenge.

Through this hands on workshop delegates will learn how to harness story telling to promote creative thinking and challenge in their outdoor environments. by using only Loose Parts, children and adults are give the opportunity to develop their own story in an environment free from limitations.

Delegates will be support in developing their own sense of challenge and learn how best to support their learners to do the same.

Jo McMeechan

SENStory Play: Inclusive, Nature-Based Play for Children with SEN.

An interactive and play based workshop teaching the 8 (Yes 8!) sensory systems in the context of nature-based play, delivered through movement. Jo will introduce the idea of building a ‘SENStory play park’ into settings where opportunities for inclusive and enriching sensory-motor experiences can be explored.

Explore how nature-based play can target each of the 8 sensory systems and learn about how it contributes to development in the early years focusing on inclusion and Special Educational Needs and Disabilities.

Shaddai Tembo

Anti-Racist Pedagogy in Early Years

In this workshop with Shaddai, participants will explore core definitions of race and racism, including the ways that children come to develop their racial identities in play. 

This workshop will also cover how to be prepared for conversations about race and how to develop a holistic anti-racist pedagogical approach. 

Kirstine Beeley

Nature Not numbers – Maths Counting Outdoors

In this workshop, Kirstine Beeley will offer a hands on, feet in exploration of the breakdown of key skills of counting in early maths using a wide range of outdoor resources to show that maths in the outdoor environment does not have to include anything laminated! Explore counting moveable objeccts., non-moveable objects, arrays and subsisting all with loads of nature thrown in for fun.

Molly Potter

Teaching Emotional Literacy Through Drama and Games

In this workshop Molly Potter uses drama, drama games and humour to explore key aspects of emotional literacy including: emotion recognition, emotion strength, emotional language, triggers, regulated responses and coping strategies.


Exhilarating Play – Essential Risk and Challenge.

Overprotecting children is systematically damaging their development and has been linked to a wide range of mental health issues and even life expectancy. This transformative practical workshop shows what we can and must do to give children exciting experiences to help them build resilience and prepare them for the rest of their lives.

We are not looking to injure children but to give them a vibrant and stimulating childhood and ultimately help them assess danger for themselves. the workshop also delves into fascinating new neuroscience of just why children need adventurous play and how catastrophic it can be to over protect children.

Caroline Roarty and Sue Gray

Mindfulness to Promote Self-Regulation in Young Children

A interactive workshop to explore tools and approaches to integrate a mindful practice into Early Years provision.

Using a combination of fun, guided examples and creating simple tools to support mind-body connection, this workshop promotes understanding of how self-regulation can be supported through exploring emotions held in our physical body.

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