The bad news is time flies... the GOOD news is you're the pilot!

How are you managing your time ?

Ever got to the end of the day and thought what have you achieved today?

We wake up with best intentions to ticking off on our to-do-list and feeling a sense of achievement.

Does that ever happen? If not WHY NOT! 

From the time your day starts to the end do you recognise these things?

Setting up and making sure the rooms looks presentable,checking all staff are where they are supposed to be and rotas are correct. That dreadful phone call of 'calling in sick' will cause a sense of dread and if you are anything like me you would hate to answer the phone first thing in the morning as you know it will be a case of covering or sorting out your ratios. 

Then children start to arrive so it’s speaking to parents/carers on their arrival making them and the children feel welcome and making sure you don’t miss that ‘invisible ‘ child.

You will be pulled from pillar to post between each room asking can you get a bottle, can you cover their breaks, can you make the beds for sleep times, can you call Mrs Jones as little Joshua has a temperature or can you get the sick bucket and/or clean up the accident in the preschool room...


These are just many occasions where your time is found to be disappearing and your tick list is still a tick list but with added items to the bottom. Why do we do that? Are we a tick listing and crossing off society? 

What do we do with our time? Do you think: 

When are you going to do your supervisions?

When are you going to mentor the staff and share good practice?

When are you going to look at the future of your setting and make the improvements it needs?

When are you going to be prepared for the 'call' ? 

Ever thought about completing a time management form to show where you spend you time?

My first thought when completing mine years ago was ‘ I haven’t got time to fill this in’ Tyical isn't it of us to think like that.

If there is one thing you need to do is recognise all the hard work you do and how you can use your time effectively for the benefit on not just you but the whole team. Use the time management log to see where you spend your time.

Do this for a week

Once written you will have a clear focus and learn about your habits. It will show whether you are productive or just busy

Highlight areas of where jobs are repeated? Do they need to be repeated or can you and your staff team come up with a solution. 

Now it’s time to take action for you today. 

Start your new week with a new reflective YOU

Time Management proforma

Need other help with your setting. Give us an email..we are here to help! 

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