Team work makes dreams work

 We get very anxious on the day we get ‘The call’ to let us know we are going to be inspected the next day…. 

You are much more able to perform well in your setting if you work more effectively as a team. This will create a vibe of energy, inspiration and motivation to ensure you are making an IMPACT on children’s lives. 

 So how do you ensure that your team are all on board with the process of your inspection. It is not a one-man band event… your whole team have to be a part of the process to SHINE on the day… but one recommendation is that if you were doing it naturally as part of your day to day routine it would not be a struggle 

So, you’ve read the #1 best-selling book ‘Are you ready for your inspection?’ and now the new ONLINE programme for the whole team is ready to be launched on November 14th. 

This programme will take you through the process of the day step by step and give you tips and help on how you can show IMPACT. It is all about your evaluation and a great tool to show you actually do know how to reflect on your setting and your practice and give yourself targets to improve. This is not just for preschools or day nurseries but also for childminders too. 

What better way to help you SHINE! 

Message us to book your space… we will then allocate logins for all staff to have their own.

Are you ready for your inspection ONLINE programme

Are you ready for your inspection ONLINE programme

Having just registered my newest setting and knowing inspection is imminent, it was the perfect time to access the Are You Ready for Inspection online program. I am blown away at how informative and knowledgable vanessa is. This is her forte and her passion shines through. I cannot stress enough how her experience as an inspector is invaluable. This program tells you exactly what to expect (down to the finest details) and provides you will effective strategies to reflect and evolve your setting. I love that this program will work no matter what your ethos and truly promotes the importance of your setting being unique and celebrating everything you do. I’m feeling so much more prepared and confident now. Thank you so much vanessa ❤️
— Roseville Childcare
With all the worries of what an Ofsted inspections brings I signed up for Are you ready for your inspection? programme. I am so pleased I did! The programmer talks you through everything you need to be ready for an inspection. It works perfectly with the book also written by Vanessa. I loved the fact that the programme had been written for everybody in the team and is perfect for Childminder’s too. There are loads of added bonuses with each module, quizzes, group time and a work book. This is my new go to bible, I literally love everything about it.
— Tinklebugs childcare