Peer on peer observations - What is the point?

Ive been reading with interest many forums where practitioners are saying what is the point of peer on peer observations!

Surely this will cause anxiety in staff when they are being observed !!!!

Surely we need to ensure that children are being constantly extended and nurtured throughout their play and their learning. To improve on our practice we need to show we are increasing on our own skills and practice to be able to help children achieve better outcomes.

During your inspection you will be observed on how you interact with children. This is FACT.

Remember YOU are the source and if you are not providing children with the right tools and conversation how are they going to learn. If you do not get this right in your EVERY day practice when it comes to your actual inspection you are going to freeze …FACT.

The book Are you ready for your inspection was written to give you practical guidance on how to show IMACT. Children need to have best outcomes… FACT…. so lets get with the programme and help children achieve in everything they do….that is what our job is!

if you wish to have a copy of the peer on peer observation we use in our Quality Improvement Inspections and which is mentioned in the book please email us and we will gladly send you a copy… works!

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